Top 3 picks for HOODED EYES

Hooded eye,  Asian eye,  Monolid its all the same, same issue, same struggle…bigger space or gap between eye and eyebrow thus making our eye look smaller  and sometimes droopy.  
No defined crease therefore making it very hard to put the dimension or finding the perfect socket,  Admittedly it  was a sturggle for me to find mine, a lot of trials and error  and not to mention OMG moments. 

so for those who are starting out with makeup, here are my  top 3 tips for you 

  1. Go for matte  –  because matte shadows tend to absorb light and it will give you that “POP” you want  to bring your eyes out more rather than shimmery shadows that will attract light and bring your eyes down  even smaller. the shimmery ones  will overpower your eye shape. 
  2. Find the right size of blending brush  –  there are a lot of blending brush being marketed today but don’t get confused.the key is to find the right size that fits your Crease, socket and lower lids.  every woman must atleast have 3 different size of blending bursh . (bigger bursh for lightest shade ,  medium brush for second to the darkest color or transition shade,  smallest one for defining ) 
  3. waterproof mascara –  because it will hold your curl LONGER than the non waterproof ones. 2 coats will make a big difference because it will open up your eyes. If you are not into wearing falsies ( like me) then water proof mascara will be your best friend.  

      I hope you find this helpful. 💋



      Wednesday’s MOTD 

      Hello fellow makeup junkies , I hope you are all doing well. I just want to share my simple “no makeup” look. 

      I am not a professional makeup artist,  I still have so many things to learn,  and reading all your blogs  and thoughts about a certain product inspires me in so many ways you can’t imagine. 

      For today,  this is what I came up with 

      So My friend called  up early morning inviting  me for brunch  so  I created a look that is simple yet something that won’t say… “Its too damn early and you woke me up for this!” 😂

      products used are

      1. Bioaqua  cushion Foundation  
      2. essence stay matt 
      3. anastasia brow gel 
      4. Naked basics
      5. milani luminoso  
      6. rimmel Picadilly pink 

      It was my first time to try the korean brand” Bioaqua  cushion foundation ”  It has a strongscent but it does go away. This cushion foundation is recommended for Dry skin especially for Asian skin,  it gives enough moisture and glow and does not cake up (atleast for my skin) ..

      Have you tried any of these? what are your thoughts? 

      Everyday Naked! 

      What’s your go to make up palette?  Mine is the naked basics.I tend  reach out for this if I want a fail proof makeup.   you can never go wrong with this bad boy. 

      1. its so  small  you  can bring it anywhere with you
      2. all perfect neutral shades
      3. 5 matte & 1 shimmer ( perfect for hooded eyes) 
      4. pigmentation is beyond expectation 
      5. works well with any skin color  

      I was kinda in a hurry today, not really in the mood  to sit for 20minutes and do my eyes,  but at the same time I wanted to look fresh after my chores. 
      So I Grabbed my holy grail  naked basics,  and ended up with this..  

      For this look,  I only used 2 shades. 

      Naked 2 : for depth and shadow effect

      Crave  :  for  dimension around my hooded eyes.  

      So simple,  yet it made my eyes look bigger and more alive. 
      Definitely worth the hype ☺. A must- have palette.

      Products used  :  

      • naked basics
      • 3W Clinic auto eyebrow 
      • max factor miracle match #33
      • milani baked blush berry  amore
      • Revlon color burst #225
      • rimmel stay matte translucent
      • maybelline falsies

        Tools : 

        • sigma f80
        • wet n wild crease brush 
        • wet n wild angled brush
        • real techniques blush brush