Brozny Wednesday

Who doesn’t love  a good bronzed look when its sunny? 

I had 20minutes to spare this morning so I took out my makeup stash and this is what I came up with 

products used 

  • Max factor Miracle match #33
  • Maybelline baby skin pore eraser
  • Marks and Spencer highlight limited ed. 
  • Marks and Spencer bronzer limited  ed. 
  • Real techniques buffing  brush 
  • Real techniques pointed    foundation brush 
  • Lebelage auto  eyebrow brow 
  • maybeline falsies

    I depotted my Marks and spencer because the orignal packaging is too tall that it wont fit my  organizer. but this is how it looks : M&S Highlighter,    M&S Bronzer. both gives a very natural finish. 

    Max factor is a good product,  I wonder why nobody talks about it. 

    I have not seen blogs and reviews about max factor and marks & spencer,  let me know your thoughts  if you are currently using any of the said product. 



    Olay Pro X Cleansing System

    Olay is an American skin care line that started out in 1949 with it’s original brand name as Oil of Olay . The Olay brand has expanded into a range of other products grouped in “boutiques” including Complete, Total Effects, Professional, Regenerist, Quench (North America), White Radiance (Asia) and Olay Vitamins (USA) . Olay is well-known for their anti-aging moisturizers with the launch of Total Effects in 1999 .

    I will be sharing with you my thoughts on the Olay Pro X Cleansing System, I decided to do a review on this specific product because

    1. Im selling it, I need to test it out myself.
    2.  Exfoliation is the key to smooth skin especially if you have dry skin
    3. I hear this is a dupe or cheaper version of Clarisonic

    I do not own a clarisonic so I can’t really compare the two.

    1. The olay’s brush is   really soft on the skin.

    2. Cleansing is way  better than just a regular scrub by hand

    3.  The bristles are fine and are able to reach into pores especially around the crevices of the nose.

    4. it also claims to clean 6x better than our scrub alone.

    My skin has gotten clearer around the cheeks,  dry patches around the nose are less visible. also I find my dry patches slowly diminishing.

    Everyday,  I exfoliate my face well especially on the  days that I put on quite heavy foundation, I don’t want to worry about  clogged up pores and impurities,  I’m not getting any younger and have to take care of my skin well.

    TIP :

    For Oily skin – shorten your cleansing time to avoid over exfoliation as it could stimulate your oil glands causing it to produce more oil.

    For sensitive or delicate skin – shorten your cleansing time to avoid over exfoliation as  It could thin your skin out causing sensitivity or redness.

    How to use:

    Dampen facial skin and brush head lightly with water. Dispense Pro-X exfoliating renewal cleanser or your daily cleanser in your hand and massage over face. Turn on cleansing brush (there is 2 speed) and gently move around the face for approximately 60 seconds. Avoid the eye area. Rinse face and brush head with water.

    images (2)

    Thank you for taking time to read my post.

    I really appreciate it.




    “Foundation Concoction “

    you know how sometimes we end up buying the wrong color foundation. its is almost always too dark or too light?  

    buying from the internet is like guessing which shade you are in their range. 

    buying from the  Mall  always seems so perfect because of the lighting.

    lucky for those in the U.S they can return it,  but here in my country,  they dont allow. 

    I have a couple of those. 

    Maybelline dream satin skin  # 04- Way too dark for me that I look like a oompa loompa

    Maybelline fit me #115 – this is  light for me because of the pink undertone.. 

    So instead of dwelling ang letting it sit on my makeup table, waiting for  it to expire… I MIX IT together. ( happily mixing it  to achieve my skin tone and feeling like a true artist 😂😂😂 ) 

    the end result is outstanding I must say.  I love the combination on my skin. I can control the color if I need to adjust.. its amazing on the skin as well. 

    how about you guys? any product you like mixing together?  

    let me know your  thoughts. I love learning new ideas from all of you. 

    Thanks for reading. 

    stay happy and beautiful inside out 💜

    Underrated Products  

    hello everyone, have you guys heard of OCTARD?  REIGN?   

    for today,  I decided to make review of these products mentioned  but first let me take a selfie 😂

    I love my look for today and I love how long it stayed. just ignore my uneven brows. LOLS 

    products used. 

    Reign Velvet primer 

    Octard  Shade 41  (S41) 

    Beauty treats matte blush 

    Faceshop eyebrow pencil #3 

    elf treat and tame 

    Nyx prague 

    LITERALLY those are the only products I used. NO POWDER AT ALL.   

    The regin velvet primer – isnt bad for the price,  I got this for only Php 100. the texture  is comparable to an OINTMENT, It is clear and  somewhat jelly, it glides easily and has velvety finish.  

    REIGN beauty

    Octard –  this pot could last a very long time.a little does go a long way. you know the amount of primer we use?  it is basically the  same  amount you will ever need. 

    however , I will tell you right off the bat  this is kinda hard to blend because of its creaminess.. so always put primer or moisturizer first to  blend it easily ,  use sponge or beauty blender instead  to evenout the product distribution.  This always give me the perfect flawless coverage…

    Meiko – Octard  

    time check : 

     930am –  took that photo 

    5pm  –   still looking fresh 

    7pm –  there was a little oiliness going on, but the foundation is still there 🙂   

    so this completes my Mini review. 🙂  

    let me know your thoughts about this  if you have tried them 🙂

    For a CHANGE  

    June 30,2016. Inauguration of Philippines’ 16th president… President RODIGO DUTERTE.  CHANGE IS COMING. 

    So, for today I decided to use green shadows to match my outfit. a big change for me as well because I have always been on the brown hues.

    so this is my first time to try these color and im glad it worked out well. 

    1.  Base shade for the lid upto brow bone

    2. light green slightly above crease 

    3. darker green for the outer crease 

    4. light metallic brown in the center   and TAADAAA

    I never tought i’d pull this off. 

    let me know your favorite combination color combination for this palette. 

    products :  clinique  even better, E.L.F, Beauty treats matte bulsh palette,  In2It gloss. 

    outfit  : Kamiseta ,  Cotton-on,  steve madden

    when in Dollar Store ( ph)

    Hello lovely ladies, 
    I wanted to share with you these fab finds from the DOLLAR STORE   (greenfields pavillion mall) 


    1. Beauty treats matte blush Palette (php 199)
    2. klean color foundation (php99 )
    3. velvet gloss lip  color (php 99)  velcro (php20)

    review : 

    these are so pigmented. it is definitely worth buying.  the original price cost php 299,  but mine was discounted because the lid is kinda broken, but hey, php 100 discount is still not bad,  it is just a lid anyway.

    Swatches  from first row :  left to right



    bottom row :  left to right

    When I first applied it,  i was like “whoah! too much,  too much.. LOL” And i had to blend it several times. good thing these are blendable..

    the color variation is very versatile.
    the longevity is Ok.  it lasted for about 5 hours without re-applying.. 



    I chose the lightest shade available  rosey beige –  this one has a pink undertone to it.
    the color selection is from light to dark skin tone.
    when you apply it,  its kinda liquidy.
    doesn’t last very long but it keeps the skin looking fresh because it feels very hydrating on the face.
    the coverage is LIGHT ,  very good during the summer time,  it doesn’t cake up or cling on to dry patches..
    I’d give this one a 6 out of 10 stars.
    It has a pump. glass bottle. 30ml and has spf 20
    it lasted for only 4 hours, given the fact that I was inside the mall,  I didn’t sweat but still it didn’t last very long.
    verdict : for PHP 99  pesos,  i’d say go for it. 🙂



    This is the only thing that disappointed me.
    Its not velvet. its not gloss.
    now that is false advertising.
    I was looking for something glossy  so i was disappointed to find out this isn’t what im looking for.
    the product isn’t that bad,  id still wear it,  use it when i feel like it,  color is very vibrant, lasted for 5 to 6 hours.
    a good matte lipstick if you are into matte…. 
    again,  only disappointed by the fact i was deceived by flase claim.

    The last but not the least is the php 20 hair velcro that you use to get you baby bangs away from your face.
    I have been looking for this online and they all cost php100+ ,  and I find that very expensive and offensive for a little  velcro. so i was really happy to have found this.

    check out the DOLLAR STORE IN GREENFIELDS MANDALUYONG if you are in the area,  they have a lot of good stuff there. 

    til next..

    Brows before Boys

    Its all in the brows!
    Eversince I put up my own salon,  I’ve learned how to  groom, shape, draw my own brows.
    I can go out without powder, lipstick but  the brows must always be present.

    How do you know which shape suits you best?
    check this link to find the right shape for you http://

    Having a perfect brow takes A LOT OF PRACTICE.
    It’s always a Hit and Miss with products.  It’s  almost always uneven.  ( but its ok,  brows are sisters,  NOT TWINS.)

    You are lucky when you are one of those born with a perfect brows or if you have a very good brow stylist ( make sure to stick to them,  because they are certainly hard to find) 

    But if you are like me,  who doesn’t want to spend money  for that every month ,  well ,  you gotta learn how to  do it yourself then.

    1. tweezer 
    2. brow shaping scissor
    3. petroleum jelly
    4. a good eye brow kit or pencil

    I would highly recommended using a PENCIL for beginners because it is easier to use for outlining.

    it really depends on your hair color.
    it should always be a close match or a tad darker but never 2 shades darker.

    PRODUCTS I higly recommend
    1. The faceshop eyebrow pencil  –  i got mine from GH faceshop store,  buy 1 take 1 for only php160
    shade :  light brown
    I like this because its affordable and blends easily.

    2. DAISO  brow pencil – php 88 pesos and it comes with a brow spoolie (which is awesome!!! ) 
    shade :  natural brown
    Aside from price point,  i like this because  its NOT CREAMY  therefore It lasts the whole day..and doesn’t need sharpening.
    you can get this at robinsons galleria / magnolia

    3. ELF –  brow treat and tame ,  also from Robinsons galleria makeup section. 
    shade :  light  brown
    This one helps the eyebrow stay in place.

    4. Sharpener  – 
    always sharpen your  pencil to get a smooth  outline

    I have some recommendations for 
    powder type and gel type,  but that is going to be on another post. 

    so for now,  these are BASIC INTRO and information I’d like to  share with you guys.
    hope it helps ☺




            first swatch is from The Faceshop
             second swatch is from Daiso