Wednesday’s MOTD 

Hello fellow makeup junkies , I hope you are all doing well. I just want to share my simple “no makeup” look. 

I am not a professional makeup artist,  I still have so many things to learn,  and reading all your blogs  and thoughts about a certain product inspires me in so many ways you can’t imagine. 

For today,  this is what I came up with 

So My friend called  up early morning inviting  me for brunch  so  I created a look that is simple yet something that won’t say… “Its too damn early and you woke me up for this!” 😂

products used are

  1. Bioaqua  cushion Foundation  
  2. essence stay matt 
  3. anastasia brow gel 
  4. Naked basics
  5. milani luminoso  
  6. rimmel Picadilly pink 

It was my first time to try the korean brand” Bioaqua  cushion foundation ”  It has a strongscent but it does go away. This cushion foundation is recommended for Dry skin especially for Asian skin,  it gives enough moisture and glow and does not cake up (atleast for my skin) ..

Have you tried any of these? what are your thoughts? 


Satisfied Customer 

​I want to give a shout out to a Shopee Seller 🙂 Glamurgurlzshoppe.

I am  very satisfied with the way she handled my queries,  very accommodating,  it is exaclty how I will reply to my customer who needs my help. 

I am on online seller myself ( seller at fb, ebay since 2009,  shopee )  ,  It takes one to know one right? 

bought the ffg items from her   : 

  1. Bioaqua refill BB cushion
  2. Essence all about matt! 
  3. L.A girl pro conceal 

I have yet to try these, so stay tunned if you want to know My mini review 🙂

I will be posting by next week because I  need to test this out first to see how it applies and if it works for us Filipino considering the weather ofcourse 🙂 

remember,  products react differently and factor that contributes to that are : 

  1. skin type  
  2. acidity
  3. weather 

Thank you for the freebie.  I LOVE IT. it made me feel valued and special 🙂 

Shopee is an online  community store,  a buy and sell on mobile  where different seller post their item and use Shopee service for payment and as  guarantor.

and that is our transaction below. 🙂   

before I end my rave,  have you tried the products mentioned above?   

let me know your thoughts 🙂