Olay Pro X Cleansing System

Olay is an American skin care line that started out in 1949 with it’s original brand name as Oil of Olay . The Olay brand has expanded into a range of other products grouped in “boutiques” including Complete, Total Effects, Professional, Regenerist, Quench (North America), White Radiance (Asia) and Olay Vitamins (USA) . Olay is well-known for their anti-aging moisturizers with the launch of Total Effects in 1999 .

I will be sharing with you my thoughts on the Olay Pro X Cleansing System, I decided to do a review on this specific product because

  1. Im selling it, I need to test it out myself.
  2.  Exfoliation is the key to smooth skin especially if you have dry skin
  3. I hear this is a dupe or cheaper version of Clarisonic

I do not own a clarisonic so I can’t really compare the two.

1. The olay’s brush is   really soft on the skin.

2. Cleansing is way  better than just a regular scrub by hand

3.  The bristles are fine and are able to reach into pores especially around the crevices of the nose.

4. it also claims to clean 6x better than our scrub alone.

My skin has gotten clearer around the cheeks,  dry patches around the nose are less visible. also I find my dry patches slowly diminishing.

Everyday,  I exfoliate my face well especially on the  days that I put on quite heavy foundation, I don’t want to worry about  clogged up pores and impurities,  I’m not getting any younger and have to take care of my skin well.


For Oily skin – shorten your cleansing time to avoid over exfoliation as it could stimulate your oil glands causing it to produce more oil.

For sensitive or delicate skin – shorten your cleansing time to avoid over exfoliation as  It could thin your skin out causing sensitivity or redness.

How to use:

Dampen facial skin and brush head lightly with water. Dispense Pro-X exfoliating renewal cleanser or your daily cleanser in your hand and massage over face. Turn on cleansing brush (there is 2 speed) and gently move around the face for approximately 60 seconds. Avoid the eye area. Rinse face and brush head with water.

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Thank you for taking time to read my post.

I really appreciate it.





Underrated Products  

hello everyone, have you guys heard of OCTARD?  REIGN?   

for today,  I decided to make review of these products mentioned  but first let me take a selfie 😂

I love my look for today and I love how long it stayed. just ignore my uneven brows. LOLS 

products used. 

Reign Velvet primer 

Octard  Shade 41  (S41) 

Beauty treats matte blush 

Faceshop eyebrow pencil #3 

elf treat and tame 

Nyx prague 

LITERALLY those are the only products I used. NO POWDER AT ALL.   

The regin velvet primer – isnt bad for the price,  I got this for only Php 100. the texture  is comparable to an OINTMENT, It is clear and  somewhat jelly, it glides easily and has velvety finish.  

REIGN beauty

Octard –  this pot could last a very long time.a little does go a long way. you know the amount of primer we use?  it is basically the  same  amount you will ever need. 

however , I will tell you right off the bat  this is kinda hard to blend because of its creaminess.. so always put primer or moisturizer first to  blend it easily ,  use sponge or beauty blender instead  to evenout the product distribution.  This always give me the perfect flawless coverage…

Meiko – Octard  

time check : 

 930am –  took that photo 

5pm  –   still looking fresh 

7pm –  there was a little oiliness going on, but the foundation is still there 🙂   

so this completes my Mini review. 🙂  

let me know your thoughts about this  if you have tried them 🙂