Hair Care Routine 

 I’ve had my hair dyed.. AGAIN!  

Permanent Full head color plus highlights in 1 day.  

All colorants especially bleaching can damage hair.  Whether you do it twice a year or once . Its still  damaging especially when you have a fine strand. 

Remember : cuticle protects our hair. Once lifted,  the hair becomes susceptible to damage.. damage from sun,  heat, chlorine,  salt water 

Although I  do keratin treatment twice a month  I still do my everyday hair care routine. It may seem too much but hey, our hair is our crown and we have to  wear it proud and care for it as much as we do for our skin. 
Here are my current hair  care products: 

L’Oréal Anti- Freeze Shampoo – I’ve been using this shampoo for the past couple of months. I Love this product because its not itchy on the scalp,  doesn’t leave any residue and really does the job well (especially on the anti freeze part) 

PANTENE 3 minute miracle conditioner – personally,  I prefer not to put conditioner on my scalp  so I always apply it an inch below,  simply because I dont want my hair to look flat and oily. So  I wait 3 minutes  before rinsing giving it  ample   time to penetrate,  condition and repair. 

Cream Silk Stand Out Leave On Cream – this is a light weight,  non-greasy formula. Nourishes hair strands with its active hair reborn ingredient. I apply it when my hair is almost about to dry. (So after taking a bath,  I do my face while air drying my hair  then apply it ) 

J Thomas Solutions –  No  Tangle Hair Mist  – when we bleach our hair,  it tends to get a little sticky when wet making it impossible to comb without getting all tangle up. So this my savior.    10MINUTES after I apply the creamsilk leave-on cream,  I spray this all over my hair.  ( about 8 sprays )  from roots to end.  

Then I comb my hair!  Tangle free 🙂

Note :  wet hair is easier to break that is why we must wait for it to be completely dry or atleast 70% dry before combing.
the last product is to protect my hair when I want to iron or   blowdry. 

Monea Salon professional Series – I keep a smaller size of this in my bag. always!  It is a hair revitalizing spray, hair defense against chemically treated hair Either rebonded or permed,  also ideal for frequently blow- dried hair.  It has a conditioning Property that aid in heat and chemical protection by reducing the loss of  natural moisture,  thus protecting hair against damage. 
I hope you find this post  helpful. I bought all these from the Philippines. I dont know if these  are available in your country 🙂 I know there are much better product out there so please leave a comment and share your thoughts .


Till next… 


Essence all about Matt!

Just when  you thought you’ve found your holy grail powder, something better comes along.. 

I have been using  Rimmel for the longest time ,  But I think I have found a better version of it. If I may say,  it is pretty much at par or even better because it sets my foundation better and flawlessly. 

I haven’t tried the colored ones, they do come in different shades but I got the  translucent one.   I always do.

I have been using this for the past week and I am amazed on  how it controlled the shine on my face. 
Definitely a THUMBS UP. Must have:)

How to Spot a DUPE SIGMA F80

Replica.  SG authentic.     – call it whatever! Its all DUPE.
Is it that bad? – No. I myself own some dupe brushes such as crease brush , eyebrow brush, smudge brush ) .
I guess It depeneds on the brand and item you need and what  you are comparing to.

Today, I want to show you HOW TO SPOT THE DIFFERENCE  of  Sigma F80 kabuki brush Original VS .Dupe

Bottom – original  ;   Top  – dupe
Notice the lenght..
Original is a tad longer


Left :  original
Right :  dupe
With the original,  the  word SIGMA is engraved deeper.
By touching it, you’ll notice there is a big  difference


Left :  original
Right :  dupe


Bottom :  original
Top  :  dupe
The handle on the original is flawless..
The word FLAT KABUKI is different as well.


Left :  original
Right :  dupe
the original is softer so  it has a wider fluff


Both are soft and fluffy. You almost can’t tell the difference just by looking
The Original one, is easier to move around the face, the hair moves freely  that it makes it easier to blend.  The dupe is densely packed that it restricts the movement of the hair or bristles.

personally, I think a good brush set can make any cheap or affordable make brand look expensive once applied,  Rather than a good makeup brand with a cheap brush set because the blending will not be as good and flawless.

acute pancreatitis

May 27,2016-  was my mother -in-law’s birthday.. we were supposed to have dinner… but everything turned the other way around. 

5.30pm – I got a call  from my husband , sounded like he was hurt – really hurt.. and in excruciating pain, when he got home,  I drove him to Emergency section at st. lukes hospital.  
we waited for 3 hours and got some lab test in between our waiting time.
when the result came back,  I was shocked to  learn he is having Acute pancreatitis. in layman’s term,   his pancreas is swollen.
when the doctor said He had to be admitted,  my tears just fell. 
I was worrying about expenses,   and who will take care of my son while we are at the hospital.. 

Things happened so fast that day.
my In-laws were there to help me look after my husband while I had to go home to get some stuff for our  hospital stay.
my son stayed at his best friends house,  good thing the family is kind enough  to look after my son..

Now going back to Pancreatitis, 
according to the doctor his LIPASE result were so high.
the normal count is around 300 and my husband’s is around 17thousand! 
no wonder he was in pain. 

the usual cause for acute pancreatitis is either GALSTONES  or ALCOHOL.

His result for galstone came back zero,  so its either ALCOHOL or something just blocked his kidney or liver…
he drinks, but occasionally so it is very impossible for it to be the cause.

words can not explain the pain he went through.. Demerol ( the strongest pain reliever)  had to be administered because he was requesting for it every 6 hours.. he can’t sleep,  the pain was all over his abdomen – sharp pain upto his back.

there is no Medication for acute pancreatitis,  its just fasting,  hydration and bowel rest.

now we are home,  his diet has totally changed.
no pork,  no beef.
I only give him Chicken breast,  veggies,  fish, fruit..
it is a total change of eating habit..

there wasn’t any sign of pain or distress before his pancreas acted up. 
it was all very sudden.

so guys,  as early as now,  be cautious of what you eat. avoid too much fat and junk and alcohol…

stay healthy.
stay fit. 🙂

My very FIRST blog…


So today, I have decided, IT SHALL BE DONE!  MY VERY FIRST blog post.

Let me start by introducing myself, I am a wife, a mom, a tutor,  make up junkie, network marketer, online seller,  entrepreneur, sales consultant,  jack of all trades.

What topic will I have on my blog site?  Hmm… fashion, good finds observations, reviews, food, DIY, but definitely no politics.

I’d like to learn more on how to do this blogging thing, and I hope to improve my writing skills as I go along.

Have a magical day,

Miss K