Hair Care Routine 

 I've had my hair dyed.. AGAIN!   Permanent Full head color plus highlights in 1 day.   All colorants especially bleaching can damage hair.  Whether you do it twice a year or once . Its still  damaging especially when you have a fine strand.  Remember : cuticle protects our hair. Once lifted,  the hair becomes… Continue reading Hair Care Routine 

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FRUGAL friday 

Rockin' this look that I wore for my friend's  birthday. I'm wearing this  off shoulder top which I got from greenhills shopping mall for only php150.  Pruducts Used for this make up look are so cheap you can get then anywhere online,  pigmentation of eyeshadow palette   is not bad. Slightly muted but its still… Continue reading FRUGAL friday 

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Top 3 picks for HOODED EYES

Hooded eye,  Asian eye,  Monolid its all the same, same issue, same struggle...bigger space or gap between eye and eyebrow thus making our eye look smaller  and sometimes droopy.   No defined crease therefore making it very hard to put the dimension or finding the perfect socket,  Admittedly it  was a sturggle for me to… Continue reading Top 3 picks for HOODED EYES

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Wednesday’s MOTD 

Hello fellow makeup junkies , I hope you are all doing well. I just want to share my simple "no makeup" look.  I am not a professional makeup artist,  I still have so many things to learn,  and reading all your blogs  and thoughts about a certain product inspires me in so many ways you… Continue reading Wednesday’s MOTD