Makeup stuff

Brozny Wednesday

Who doesn’t love  a good bronzed look when its sunny? 

I had 20minutes to spare this morning so I took out my makeup stash and this is what I came up with 

products used 

  • Max factor Miracle match #33
  • Maybelline baby skin pore eraser
  • Marks and Spencer highlight limited ed. 
  • Marks and Spencer bronzer limited  ed. 
  • Real techniques buffing  brush 
  • Real techniques pointed    foundation brush 
  • Lebelage auto  eyebrow brow 
  • maybeline falsies

    I depotted my Marks and spencer because the orignal packaging is too tall that it wont fit my  organizer. but this is how it looks : M&S Highlighter,    M&S Bronzer. both gives a very natural finish. 

    Max factor is a good product,  I wonder why nobody talks about it. 

    I have not seen blogs and reviews about max factor and marks & spencer,  let me know your thoughts  if you are currently using any of the said product. 



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