Makeup stuff

“Foundation Concoction “

you know how sometimes we end up buying the wrong color foundation. its is almost always too dark or too light?  

buying from the internet is like guessing which shade you are in their range. 

buying from the  Mall  always seems so perfect because of the lighting.

lucky for those in the U.S they can return it,  but here in my country,  they dont allow. 

I have a couple of those. 

Maybelline dream satin skin  # 04- Way too dark for me that I look like a oompa loompa

Maybelline fit me #115 – this is  light for me because of the pink undertone.. 

So instead of dwelling ang letting it sit on my makeup table, waiting for  it to expire… I MIX IT together. ( happily mixing it  to achieve my skin tone and feeling like a true artist 😂😂😂 ) 

the end result is outstanding I must say.  I love the combination on my skin. I can control the color if I need to adjust.. its amazing on the skin as well. 

how about you guys? any product you like mixing together?  

let me know your  thoughts. I love learning new ideas from all of you. 

Thanks for reading. 

stay happy and beautiful inside out 💜


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