​Are you looking for a drugstore mascara that won’t smudge or   flake? 

Something that holds up  curl and last all day? 

My top pick is the L’oréal Extended wear waterproof  (  double extension in purple tube) . 

It comes with a primer that helps the mascara last all day without flaking or smudging .  It made my lashes look longer, and thicker and no clumps at all. 

This  is on sale  at  Robinsons Mall,  i got this for only php250. Until supply lasts.

The sales lady said they’ll be coming up with a new one.. and i think its the SUPERSTAR mascara and Cant wait to try it out.

Next pick is the Maybelline Falsies. this one gave  VOLUME,  super black lashes but not enough length.

It had a little clumps at first especially when when you use it for the first time but it goes away overtime.
The last One That I PERSONALLY  do not like is the Maybelline hypercurl. 

IT DOES NOTHING. Total waste of money and I do not recommend buying it.

TIP :  waterproof mascara holds up curl longer than the washable ones,  higly recommended for asian lashes


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