“Foundation Concoction “

you know how sometimes we end up buying the wrong color foundation. its is almost always too dark or too light?  

buying from the internet is like guessing which shade you are in their range. 

buying from the  Mall  always seems so perfect because of the lighting.

lucky for those in the U.S they can return it,  but here in my country,  they dont allow. 

I have a couple of those. 

Maybelline dream satin skin  # 04- Way too dark for me that I look like a oompa loompa

Maybelline fit me #115 – this is  light for me because of the pink undertone.. 

So instead of dwelling ang letting it sit on my makeup table, waiting for  it to expire… I MIX IT together. ( happily mixing it  to achieve my skin tone and feeling like a true artist 😂😂😂 ) 

the end result is outstanding I must say.  I love the combination on my skin. I can control the color if I need to adjust.. its amazing on the skin as well. 

how about you guys? any product you like mixing together?  

let me know your  thoughts. I love learning new ideas from all of you. 

Thanks for reading. 

stay happy and beautiful inside out 💜


Underrated Products  

hello everyone, have you guys heard of OCTARD?  REIGN?   

for today,  I decided to make review of these products mentioned  but first let me take a selfie 😂

I love my look for today and I love how long it stayed. just ignore my uneven brows. LOLS 

products used. 

Reign Velvet primer 

Octard  Shade 41  (S41) 

Beauty treats matte blush 

Faceshop eyebrow pencil #3 

elf treat and tame 

Nyx prague 

LITERALLY those are the only products I used. NO POWDER AT ALL.   

The regin velvet primer – isnt bad for the price,  I got this for only Php 100. the texture  is comparable to an OINTMENT, It is clear and  somewhat jelly, it glides easily and has velvety finish.  

REIGN beauty

Octard –  this pot could last a very long time.a little does go a long way. you know the amount of primer we use?  it is basically the  same  amount you will ever need. 

however , I will tell you right off the bat  this is kinda hard to blend because of its creaminess.. so always put primer or moisturizer first to  blend it easily ,  use sponge or beauty blender instead  to evenout the product distribution.  This always give me the perfect flawless coverage…

Meiko – Octard  

time check : 

 930am –  took that photo 

5pm  –   still looking fresh 

7pm –  there was a little oiliness going on, but the foundation is still there 🙂   

so this completes my Mini review. 🙂  

let me know your thoughts about this  if you have tried them 🙂

What I’m wearing

H&M  was on massive sale last week and I was able  to scout myself this Coachella themed dress.   ( php from 1250 to   php 700php) 

aside from that,  I got these overalls too

Everytime H&M is having their store sale, an hour isn’t enough to scout through all the racks,  But since I was early I was able to finish in  an hour and had the whole place to myself but the sad thing is most didn’t have sizes anymore. 

here is the links to H&M store and schedule of If you want to check out h&m philippines store : 



​Are you looking for a drugstore mascara that won’t smudge or   flake? 

Something that holds up  curl and last all day? 

My top pick is the L’oréal Extended wear waterproof  (  double extension in purple tube) . 

It comes with a primer that helps the mascara last all day without flaking or smudging .  It made my lashes look longer, and thicker and no clumps at all. 

This  is on sale  at  Robinsons Mall,  i got this for only php250. Until supply lasts.

The sales lady said they’ll be coming up with a new one.. and i think its the SUPERSTAR mascara and Cant wait to try it out.

Next pick is the Maybelline Falsies. this one gave  VOLUME,  super black lashes but not enough length.

It had a little clumps at first especially when when you use it for the first time but it goes away overtime.
The last One That I PERSONALLY  do not like is the Maybelline hypercurl. 

IT DOES NOTHING. Total waste of money and I do not recommend buying it.

TIP :  waterproof mascara holds up curl longer than the washable ones,  higly recommended for asian lashes