acute pancreatitis

May 27,2016-  was my mother -in-law’s birthday.. we were supposed to have dinner… but everything turned the other way around. 

5.30pm – I got a call  from my husband , sounded like he was hurt – really hurt.. and in excruciating pain, when he got home,  I drove him to Emergency section at st. lukes hospital.  
we waited for 3 hours and got some lab test in between our waiting time.
when the result came back,  I was shocked to  learn he is having Acute pancreatitis. in layman’s term,   his pancreas is swollen.
when the doctor said He had to be admitted,  my tears just fell. 
I was worrying about expenses,   and who will take care of my son while we are at the hospital.. 

Things happened so fast that day.
my In-laws were there to help me look after my husband while I had to go home to get some stuff for our  hospital stay.
my son stayed at his best friends house,  good thing the family is kind enough  to look after my son..

Now going back to Pancreatitis, 
according to the doctor his LIPASE result were so high.
the normal count is around 300 and my husband’s is around 17thousand! 
no wonder he was in pain. 

the usual cause for acute pancreatitis is either GALSTONES  or ALCOHOL.

His result for galstone came back zero,  so its either ALCOHOL or something just blocked his kidney or liver…
he drinks, but occasionally so it is very impossible for it to be the cause.

words can not explain the pain he went through.. Demerol ( the strongest pain reliever)  had to be administered because he was requesting for it every 6 hours.. he can’t sleep,  the pain was all over his abdomen – sharp pain upto his back.

there is no Medication for acute pancreatitis,  its just fasting,  hydration and bowel rest.

now we are home,  his diet has totally changed.
no pork,  no beef.
I only give him Chicken breast,  veggies,  fish, fruit..
it is a total change of eating habit..

there wasn’t any sign of pain or distress before his pancreas acted up. 
it was all very sudden.

so guys,  as early as now,  be cautious of what you eat. avoid too much fat and junk and alcohol…

stay healthy.
stay fit. 🙂