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when in Dollar Store ( ph)

Hello lovely ladies, 
I wanted to share with you these fab finds from the DOLLAR STORE   (greenfields pavillion mall) 


1. Beauty treats matte blush Palette (php 199)
2. klean color foundation (php99 )
3. velvet gloss lip  color (php 99)  velcro (php20)

review : 

these are so pigmented. it is definitely worth buying.  the original price cost php 299,  but mine was discounted because the lid is kinda broken, but hey, php 100 discount is still not bad,  it is just a lid anyway.

Swatches  from first row :  left to right



bottom row :  left to right

When I first applied it,  i was like “whoah! too much,  too much.. LOL” And i had to blend it several times. good thing these are blendable..

the color variation is very versatile.
the longevity is Ok.  it lasted for about 5 hours without re-applying.. 



I chose the lightest shade available  rosey beige –  this one has a pink undertone to it.
the color selection is from light to dark skin tone.
when you apply it,  its kinda liquidy.
doesn’t last very long but it keeps the skin looking fresh because it feels very hydrating on the face.
the coverage is LIGHT ,  very good during the summer time,  it doesn’t cake up or cling on to dry patches..
I’d give this one a 6 out of 10 stars.
It has a pump. glass bottle. 30ml and has spf 20
it lasted for only 4 hours, given the fact that I was inside the mall,  I didn’t sweat but still it didn’t last very long.
verdict : for PHP 99  pesos,  i’d say go for it. 🙂



This is the only thing that disappointed me.
Its not velvet. its not gloss.
now that is false advertising.
I was looking for something glossy  so i was disappointed to find out this isn’t what im looking for.
the product isn’t that bad,  id still wear it,  use it when i feel like it,  color is very vibrant, lasted for 5 to 6 hours.
a good matte lipstick if you are into matte…. 
again,  only disappointed by the fact i was deceived by flase claim.

The last but not the least is the php 20 hair velcro that you use to get you baby bangs away from your face.
I have been looking for this online and they all cost php100+ ,  and I find that very expensive and offensive for a little  velcro. so i was really happy to have found this.

check out the DOLLAR STORE IN GREENFIELDS MANDALUYONG if you are in the area,  they have a lot of good stuff there. 

til next..