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Brows before Boys

Its all in the brows!
Eversince I put up my own salon,  I’ve learned how to  groom, shape, draw my own brows.
I can go out without powder, lipstick but  the brows must always be present.

How do you know which shape suits you best?
check this link to find the right shape for you http://

Having a perfect brow takes A LOT OF PRACTICE.
It’s always a Hit and Miss with products.  It’s  almost always uneven.  ( but its ok,  brows are sisters,  NOT TWINS.)

You are lucky when you are one of those born with a perfect brows or if you have a very good brow stylist ( make sure to stick to them,  because they are certainly hard to find) 

But if you are like me,  who doesn’t want to spend money  for that every month ,  well ,  you gotta learn how to  do it yourself then.

1. tweezer 
2. brow shaping scissor
3. petroleum jelly
4. a good eye brow kit or pencil

I would highly recommended using a PENCIL for beginners because it is easier to use for outlining.

it really depends on your hair color.
it should always be a close match or a tad darker but never 2 shades darker.

PRODUCTS I higly recommend
1. The faceshop eyebrow pencil  –  i got mine from GH faceshop store,  buy 1 take 1 for only php160
shade :  light brown
I like this because its affordable and blends easily.

2. DAISO  brow pencil – php 88 pesos and it comes with a brow spoolie (which is awesome!!! ) 
shade :  natural brown
Aside from price point,  i like this because  its NOT CREAMY  therefore It lasts the whole day..and doesn’t need sharpening.
you can get this at robinsons galleria / magnolia

3. ELF –  brow treat and tame ,  also from Robinsons galleria makeup section. 
shade :  light  brown
This one helps the eyebrow stay in place.

4. Sharpener  – 
always sharpen your  pencil to get a smooth  outline

I have some recommendations for 
powder type and gel type,  but that is going to be on another post. 

so for now,  these are BASIC INTRO and information I’d like to  share with you guys.
hope it helps ☺




        first swatch is from The Faceshop
         second swatch is from Daiso