My NEUTRAL look 

Oh how I’ve missed writing , been busy with my career as franchising consultant 🙂  but here I am again sharing with you cheap products which I highly recommend.   

Most are bought Online. download shopee app if you haven’t already. Tons of good finds there. 

  1. Octard cream foundation (online) –  php450
  2. Makeup revolution iconic matte palette (online) – php 500 
  3. Beauty treats blush (online)   – php299 
  4. Eyebrow pencil from Greenhills – php 150 
  5. Eyebrow mascara – Nichido php 250
  6. Concealer pen from Greenhills – php 200 
  7. Milani lip liner in nude (online) – php 150 

OCTARD  – is recommended for oily skin,  that is why I put tons of moisturizer before applying this since I have dry skin. It tends to cake up for dry skin so be sure to moisturize. 

MAKEUP REVOLUTION – for the price, I’d say this is a good. It is quite powdery but pigmentation is very decent. A good palette for beginners.

BEAUTY TREATS  – such a good blush palette, very versatile,  easy to use  for different look.  

MASCARA – I like this better than the elf mascara. 

CONCEALER PEN – i use this to clean the edges around my bow,  very easy to use since you can sharpen it to get the finest line.4

EYEBROW PENCIL – not to creamy which I like,  means it won’t rub off easily. 


Hair Care Routine 

 I’ve had my hair dyed.. AGAIN!  

Permanent Full head color plus highlights in 1 day.  

All colorants especially bleaching can damage hair.  Whether you do it twice a year or once . Its still  damaging especially when you have a fine strand. 

Remember : cuticle protects our hair. Once lifted,  the hair becomes susceptible to damage.. damage from sun,  heat, chlorine,  salt water 

Although I  do keratin treatment twice a month  I still do my everyday hair care routine. It may seem too much but hey, our hair is our crown and we have to  wear it proud and care for it as much as we do for our skin. 
Here are my current hair  care products: 

L’Oréal Anti- Freeze Shampoo – I’ve been using this shampoo for the past couple of months. I Love this product because its not itchy on the scalp,  doesn’t leave any residue and really does the job well (especially on the anti freeze part) 

PANTENE 3 minute miracle conditioner – personally,  I prefer not to put conditioner on my scalp  so I always apply it an inch below,  simply because I dont want my hair to look flat and oily. So  I wait 3 minutes  before rinsing giving it  ample   time to penetrate,  condition and repair. 

Cream Silk Stand Out Leave On Cream – this is a light weight,  non-greasy formula. Nourishes hair strands with its active hair reborn ingredient. I apply it when my hair is almost about to dry. (So after taking a bath,  I do my face while air drying my hair  then apply it ) 

J Thomas Solutions –  No  Tangle Hair Mist  – when we bleach our hair,  it tends to get a little sticky when wet making it impossible to comb without getting all tangle up. So this my savior.    10MINUTES after I apply the creamsilk leave-on cream,  I spray this all over my hair.  ( about 8 sprays )  from roots to end.  

Then I comb my hair!  Tangle free 🙂

Note :  wet hair is easier to break that is why we must wait for it to be completely dry or atleast 70% dry before combing.
the last product is to protect my hair when I want to iron or   blowdry. 

Monea Salon professional Series – I keep a smaller size of this in my bag. always!  It is a hair revitalizing spray, hair defense against chemically treated hair Either rebonded or permed,  also ideal for frequently blow- dried hair.  It has a conditioning Property that aid in heat and chemical protection by reducing the loss of  natural moisture,  thus protecting hair against damage. 
I hope you find this post  helpful. I bought all these from the Philippines. I dont know if these  are available in your country 🙂 I know there are much better product out there so please leave a comment and share your thoughts .


Till next… 

FRUGAL friday 

Rockin’ this look that I wore for my friend’s  birthday. I’m wearing this  off shoulder top which I got from greenhills shopping mall for only php150. 

Pruducts Used for this make up look are so cheap you can get then anywhere online,  pigmentation of eyeshadow palette   is not bad. Slightly muted but its still  wearable and workable 😉 

  1. Garnier 5sec blur – php200 
  2. Klean color foundation- php 199
  3. Lebalge eyebrow pencil – php 100
  4. Essence all about matt – php 250 
  5. Majolica Majorica cheek and lip tint- php 300  
  6. Loreal double wear mascara – php 300
  7. Loreal infallible cream shadow (liquid diamond) – php 120 
  8. Replica of MAKEUP forever  -php 150 

All items are bought online. Ebay and shopee. 

Lately I have been doing my brows first, then eyeshadow then the rest of my face. I noticed a big difference,  I feel like it gives a much  polished look. Maybe its just me,  maybe.   

So like I’ve said,  since the eyeshadow is very muted,  I had to wet  my brush  to get the color out.  Adding loreal cream shadow is optional but i wanted to give it a little shimmer so I did. 😉

For my lips,  I just went with a tiny coat of the Majolica Majorica lip and  cheek tint. 
So If you are looking for a cheap, alternative product ,  these are wroth trying especially the setting powder by Essences ,  I simply cant get enough of this.    

Top 3 picks for HOODED EYES

Hooded eye,  Asian eye,  Monolid its all the same, same issue, same struggle…bigger space or gap between eye and eyebrow thus making our eye look smaller  and sometimes droopy.  
No defined crease therefore making it very hard to put the dimension or finding the perfect socket,  Admittedly it  was a sturggle for me to find mine, a lot of trials and error  and not to mention OMG moments. 

so for those who are starting out with makeup, here are my  top 3 tips for you 

  1. Go for matte  –  because matte shadows tend to absorb light and it will give you that “POP” you want  to bring your eyes out more rather than shimmery shadows that will attract light and bring your eyes down  even smaller. the shimmery ones  will overpower your eye shape. 
  2. Find the right size of blending brush  –  there are a lot of blending brush being marketed today but don’t get confused.the key is to find the right size that fits your Crease, socket and lower lids.  every woman must atleast have 3 different size of blending bursh . (bigger bursh for lightest shade ,  medium brush for second to the darkest color or transition shade,  smallest one for defining ) 
  3. waterproof mascara –  because it will hold your curl LONGER than the non waterproof ones. 2 coats will make a big difference because it will open up your eyes. If you are not into wearing falsies ( like me) then water proof mascara will be your best friend.  

      I hope you find this helpful. 💋


      Wednesday’s MOTD 

      Hello fellow makeup junkies , I hope you are all doing well. I just want to share my simple “no makeup” look. 

      I am not a professional makeup artist,  I still have so many things to learn,  and reading all your blogs  and thoughts about a certain product inspires me in so many ways you can’t imagine. 

      For today,  this is what I came up with 

      So My friend called  up early morning inviting  me for brunch  so  I created a look that is simple yet something that won’t say… “Its too damn early and you woke me up for this!” 😂

      products used are

      1. Bioaqua  cushion Foundation  
      2. essence stay matt 
      3. anastasia brow gel 
      4. Naked basics
      5. milani luminoso  
      6. rimmel Picadilly pink 

      It was my first time to try the korean brand” Bioaqua  cushion foundation ”  It has a strongscent but it does go away. This cushion foundation is recommended for Dry skin especially for Asian skin,  it gives enough moisture and glow and does not cake up (atleast for my skin) ..

      Have you tried any of these? what are your thoughts? 

      Essence all about Matt!

      Just when  you thought you’ve found your holy grail powder, something better comes along.. 

      I have been using  Rimmel for the longest time ,  But I think I have found a better version of it. If I may say,  it is pretty much at par or even better because it sets my foundation better and flawlessly. 

      I haven’t tried the colored ones, they do come in different shades but I got the  translucent one.   I always do.

      I have been using this for the past week and I am amazed on  how it controlled the shine on my face. 
      Definitely a THUMBS UP. Must have:)

      Brozny Wednesday

      Who doesn’t love  a good bronzed look when its sunny? 

      I had 20minutes to spare this morning so I took out my makeup stash and this is what I came up with 

      products used 

      • Max factor Miracle match #33
      • Maybelline baby skin pore eraser
      • Marks and Spencer highlight limited ed. 
      • Marks and Spencer bronzer limited  ed. 
      • Real techniques buffing  brush 
      • Real techniques pointed    foundation brush 
      • Lebelage auto  eyebrow brow 
      • maybeline falsies

        I depotted my Marks and spencer because the orignal packaging is too tall that it wont fit my  organizer. but this is how it looks : M&S Highlighter,    M&S Bronzer. both gives a very natural finish. 

        Max factor is a good product,  I wonder why nobody talks about it. 

        I have not seen blogs and reviews about max factor and marks & spencer,  let me know your thoughts  if you are currently using any of the said product.